Series 01 Large Sconce, sable leather and dark patinated brass, 2016.

Series 01 Sconces (Small and Large), 2016.

Coffee table in Paonazzo marble, black polished acrylic and high gloss oil on wood;  Series 01 floor lamp in charcoal leather, 2015.

Series 01 floor lamp, "ash", 2015.

Series 01 desk lamps, 2015.

"Untitled" showroom racks and tables for Rosetta Getty and Creatures of the Wind, painted steel, 2014.

First prototype of the Series 01 Desk Lamp, serial number 01-001.  Leather and brass, 2014.

Barrel chair in olive burl, hand-dyed velvet, and french polished paper on wood with ink and oil paint inscription, 2014.

Desk lamps in leather, mahogany, brass and acrylic, 2014.

Hanging light fixture prototype, deer hide and steel, 2013. 

Custom dining table, black glass and steel (shown with original Nakashima dining chairs), 2010.

Banquette in velvet and cotton twill; Armchair in velvet and leather. 2010.

Custom bronze and marble conference room tables for The Row, 2010.

Shelves, steel and masonite, 2010.

"Standard Edition" desk chair in waxed hard maple, 2010.

"Standard Edition" desk chair in waxed hard maple, 2010.

Sofa in glazed linen, 2009.